Prices and discounts

Complete pricing for all types of games and all types of groups

Price for team of 3 to 5 people: 49 euros / team

Price if more than 1 team: 44 euros / team*

Price for team of 2 people: 39 euros / team

Price for team of 3 to 5 students: 39 euros / team (ISIC/ITIC card needed)

Extra person: 6 euros / person

*In this version possible for 2/3 teams. The second team will start 15 minutes after the first team.

Mass version is version of City Game where 3 or more teams are starting at the same time. Modifications are needed for this version so the price is a bit higher. More info here.

Price per person: 11 euros*

*minimal price for a mass version is 165 euros

Price per person: 12 euros

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