Urban Games Banská Štiavnica

City Game Banská Štiavnica

Discover Banská Štiavnica in an amusing and unconvential way! Can you reveal all the mysteries and find the legendary Treasure of Štiavnica?

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In a team of 2-5 people you complete original tasks, learn legends and history of Banská Štiavnica and enjoy its beautiful views. Are you ready?

City Game Banska Stiavnica - kalvaria


How well do you know your colleagues? Have fun completing unconventional tasks and demonstrate the strength of your team. Show everyone that you know how to communicate and solve problems collectively.


Do you want to have more than souvenirs and photographs to remember Banská Štiavnica? What about an unforgettable experience? City Game is a unique opportunity to discover Banská Štiavnica in a fun way.


Are your children bored of going to the cinema with you? Find an activity they will not refuse. Experience fun and excitement during City Game and you might be surprised how smart the youths are.