Wondering about opening your own escape room but dont know where to start?

We can help you with everything important and save you plenty of months wasted by slow realizing and fixing of begginer mistakes that can cost you a lot of monet and your reputation that can be nearly imposible to gain back.

What we offer?

  • Longtime experience with game design, our games have the best reviews from tens of tousand satisfied customers.
  • Complete blueprints of our games together with all manuals and other materials
  • We provide all thematic props that will guarant unforgetable game atmosphere
  • Technological equipment needed for magic effects and robust system for its control
  • Website identical with with online booking system
  • Training of main game master
  • Know-how, best practises and assistance for game operation.
  • Marketing workshop and marketing manual

Which game is ideal for you?

  • Escape Room is famous concept so you do not need to explain your customers what is it
  • Closed space and limited time helps intensity  and atmosphere of the game, quests can be more complex and there for people will come back.
  • Your premises can have low standards so costs are quite low.
  • Our Escape Rooms have the best reviews in Slovakia so customer satisfaction is guaranted.
  • Uniqueness – there is much less cities with City Games than those with escape room and most of them have quite monotonous quests and not interactive.funny quest connected with locations as ours.
  • Minimal initial costs – great ROI.
  • Minimal fixed costs – no problem with low season.
  • Game is really easy for gamemaster so you can combine this role with receptionist in hostel/other servise.
  • Game is suitable for small groups and also for big teambuildings, events.
  • All our City Games has great reviews so people will enjoy also yours.
  • Low initial costs – great return of investment
  • Zero fixed costs – no problem with low season
  • Game is easily portable – you can offer it in any hotel/other area on request
  • Game is popular for combination with dinner – possible to make extra profit on food/drinks
  • Great reviews, game is original for the role-playing part

Our branches

  • Escape Room Treasure of Jánošík (2x)
  • Escape Room In the clutches of Secret Police
  • Braintesaelava City Game
  • Mystery Dinner Murder at Baťa’s
  • 3 new games soon
  • City Game Treasure of Štiavnica
  • Escape Room In the clutches of Secret Police (soon)
  • Mystery Dinner Murder at Baťa’s (soon)
  • Escape Room Golden mine (soon)
  • Mystery Dinner Murder at Baťa’s (soon)
  • City Game Treasures of old Prague (planned)
  • Looking for partner – City Game and Mystery Dinner
  • Looking for partner – City Game and Mystery Dinner

Contact us

Do you want to book game for more teams at once or do you have questions or any special requirements?

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